All-language, keyword-based, full-text code search for VSCode

Sherloque uses a full text search engine and intelligent tokenization to enable you to quickly find what you’re looking for, even when you’re not quite sure what it’s called - regardless of the language(s) used in your codebase.

Traditional code search tools, whether a part of our IDEs, or CLI-based are fantastic tools for finding what you need, if you know exactly what you need to find but just don’t know where it is.

Learning a New Codebase?

What about when you’re learning a new codebase or stepping back into a large one and you don’t know or cannot remember the exact name of what you’re looking for?

Focus on finding the code you need instead of discovering/remembering the exact name.


Sherloque is FREE to try with no limit to the evaluation period.

Install it directly from the VS Code Marketplace:


Or open the Command Palette (by default Ctrl+P, Cmd+P on macOS), and run:

ext install cubicle6.sherloque

Then press the Reload button in the extensions tab.

If you encounter any problems, please file an issue here.


Purchasing a license enables Sherloque to index more files.

All versions of Sherloque still work with projects larger than the max index size, files will simply be added/removed from the index based on a Most Recently Used policy.

Free Personal Professional
Index 100 files Unlimited* Unlimited*
Usage Individuals & Businesses Individuals** Businesses
Cost Free 19.95
was $49
was $99

*Unlimited within constraints of the memory/compute resources available on your system.

**May not be purchased or reimbursed by companies.

Buy a License
Sherloque comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked :) Just contact us here.

Registering Sherloque

Once you’ve purchased a license, you’ll immediately receive your license key on your receipt page and via email.

In VS Code, open the Command Palette (by default Ctrl+P, Cmd+P on macOS) and use the Sherloque: Register command.

Paste in your license key when prompted.

Sherloque will immediately validate your license and begin indexing your entire workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sherloque leak my source code?

No. Nope. Never.

Sherloque only connects to the Internet to periodically validate your license key. No data is ever sent to our servers for any purpose.

Why does Sherloque require network connectivity?

As stated above, Sherloque will periodically validate your license key with our server. Your source code is never sent. Furthermore, we do not capture any sort of telemetry data.

Can I use Sherloque on multiple machines?

Of course! Licenses are per-user, not per-machine. Use your license on all your machines :)

Which files does Sherloque index?

By default, Sherloque indexes all text (i.e. non-binary) files in your workspace folder(s).

Sherloque will respect the Search: Exclude setting in Visual Studio Code and your .gitignore files.

Where did the name Sherloque come from?

Harrison “Sherloque” Wells is a masterful detective from an alternate Earth in The Flash.

Unlike Sherloque Wells, Sherloque the extension does not charge exorbitant fees when helping you find what you need :)

Can I get an academic/student discount?

Absolutely! Please contact us via our support form and let us know you're interested in an academic/student discount.

Can I get a non-profit discount?

Absolutely! Please contact us via our support form and let us know you're interested in a non-profit discount.

Is Sherloque available for other editors?

Not yet…

Please let us know which editor you use by opening a GitHub issue, and we'll prioritize accordingly.